Chad Caruso is a Long Island based skateboarder. Since creating a channel on YouTube to share his experiences, Chad was presented with the growing demand for a more hands on experience. After teaching skateboarding for the last 15+ years Chad has grown a passion for sharing the gift of skateboarding with others. He truly enjoys passing on everything he has learned throughout his career. Chad has been involved in every corner of the skate community including: filming full-length skate videos, hosting contests, successfully petitioning for a new skatepark, managing industry leading skate shops and leading operations of a top skate camp.




    Recently, Chad challenged himself to learn a new skateboarding trick EVERY day, in EVERY state in America. Viewers followed along in real-time as Chad made a new Youtube video for 50 days in a row. This kind of mental, emotional and physical challenge is the type of mindset Chad uses to continue furthering himself as a skateboarder and as a human.



    For the past three years, Chad has been creating in-depth skateboarding tutorials on his growing Youtube Channel where he breaks down the fundamentals of skating in a clear and encouraging voice, making it very easy for skaters of all levels to progress.